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The ILMMD Experiential Pathway to the Fellowship Certification assumes that the recipient, by way of experience and educational qualification, do have or must have utilized the following knowledge areas in their work or contributory roles to society,

• Strategic Thinking for Organizational Growth
• Rethinking Organizational Design
• Model for Managing [Executive Intelligence]
• Organizational Conflicts and their Solutions.
• Organizational and Management Ethics.
• Corporate Politics


Eligibility for the ILMMD Fellowship given the recipient’s post-NYSC is not less than ten (10) years.

Other eligibility considerations include, any or all, but are not limited to:

  1. Your proven track record of vivid and elaborate contribution in a leadership, management or manpower development role as principal, consultant, Head; Executive Coach, Life Coach, Management Coach or Specialist, Business owner or Managing Director, or General Manager in a conglomerate.
  2. Having being a Member for not less than five years post certification.
  3. A honorary conferment, approved by the ILMMD board of trustees based on the recipient’s feat in leadership, manpower and management development. 
  4. Your career contributions not less than a low-level management position and for which annual salary is not less than $2,000. 
  5. An avalanche of contributory capacity as a coordinator in the ILMMD
  6. An approval by the ILMMD based on the person’s profile; and being seen to deserve the award in view of his/her contributions to society in more ways than many.
  7. Philanthropic contributions to society. Also includes a referral by members of society about a person’s contribution to leadership, manpower and management development. 
  8. A track-record as an entrepreneur; contributing to employment with a minimum workforce of not less than 5 years.
  9. A private practice as a legal luminary, politician or public servant not less than an assistant Manager or its equivalent. 
  10. A nomination by the ILMMD in view of the recipient’s contributions to the growth of leadership, manpower and management development for which ILMMD is a direct or indirect beneficiary. 
  11. A solicited application by any candidate meeting any or all of the above eligibility considerations.




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