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The ILMMD Experiential Pathway to the Membership Certification assumes that the recipient, by way of Experience and Educational Qualification, do have or must have utilized the following knowledge areas in their work or contributory roles to society,

• Strategic Thinking for Organizational Growth
• Rethinking Organizational Design
• Model for Managing [Executive Intelligence]


Eligibility for the ILMMD Membership given the recipient’s post-NYSC is not less than Five (5) years plus a Graduate Degree or HND Certificate in any field.

Other eligibility considerations include, any or all, but are not limited to:

  1. Your desire to become a Development Practitioner as a Leadership, Manpower and Management
    Development Consultant or Executive Coach or Management Specialist or Certified Spokesperson or a
    combination of afore listed.
  2. Possessing a Post-Graduate Degree (PGD or Masters, MBA) in Social or Management Sciences.
  3. A career path as Supervisor, Executive Assistant or Practitioner Level 2 (Middle Management); or as Brand
    Development Assistant, Assistant Manager, Line Manager, Training Executive, Health Educator, Sales
    Representative, Business Reporter, Realtor, Human Resources Specialist, Social Media Manager, Media
    Planner, Development Officer, Event Planner, Public Relations Specialist; or anyone who is in pursuit of a
    career in the following fields: public relations, marketing/advertising, journalism/electronic
    media/broadcasting, government/politics, education, social and human services, business, international
    relations and negotiations, Law and healthcare.
  4. A Level 2—That is, Middle Management—Coaching Supervisor, Consultant II, Training Executive II,
    Executive Assistant/Assistant Manager Role, Human Resources Development Manager II, A Certified
    Spokesperson, A Personal Assistant, etc.




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